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Medical Malpractice Insurance

In fields such as medicine, dentistry or optometry, it is important to be covered against claims and allegations of clinical negligence. Exact medical indemnity insurance policies will vary from customer to customer dependent on specific circumstances, but by and large, this cover is designed to protect medical professionals against accusations, usually from patients, of an error or omission on the part of the practitioner during the normal course of their duties. This includes the practitioner acting his normal capacity, or in other circumstances, such as acting teacher, adviser, researcher or witness.

Medical liability insurance cover will cover legal costs and expenses which are generated during the handling of a legal defence or settlement. Medical professional liability insurance is absolutely essential for anyone in the medical field.

Why take Medical Professional Laibility Insurance from us?

At Rapid, we supply flexible policies that are adapted to the intricacies of your professional situation. We recognise that indemnity insurance for dental nurses, dentists, vets or optometrists must address different needs. So whether you need dental indemnity insurance, dental nurse indemnity insurance or a different professional indemnity policy, call Rapid today to discuss your requirements and circumstances. Call us on 01204 392 525.

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