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Business Car Insurance

A standard car insurance policy for a private individual will only provide cover for commuting to a single place of work, as well as leisure driving.

However, if you’re routinely required to drive in the course of your work – visiting clients, attending meetings up and down the country, or if you operate a mobile business such as a delivery service – a more comprehensive commercial car insurance policy is required to provide adequate cover. The nature of these company car insurance policies will vary depending on the requirements – a travelling salesman will require a different business vehicle insurance policy than a driver who occasionally attends meetings at different sites. Our commercial business insurance for cars is flexible, so we can adapt to meet your requirements.

Why take Commercial Motor Insurance from us?

Our company vehicle insurance policy is ideal for companies operating up to four commercial cars. The best thing about this policy is that it meets the needs of small business customers in one complete package.

What is included in a typical business-use car insurance policy?

  • Courtesy car following an accident while the client's is being repaired by an authorised repairer.
  • Unlimited cover for original factory fitted audio equipment.
  • Emergency treatment: up to £150 for medical expenses in respect of each person injured.
  • Trailers - third party cover when attached with a property limit of £45m.

We can also cover sports and prestige business cars for directors and business owners. Contact Rapid now for a commercial vehicle insurance quote on 01204 392 525

Introductory discounts given.

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