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A cherished car is it's owner's pride and joy; a flavour of our heritage in a classic automobile, a piece of nostalgia, or simply a unique vehicle that has been lovingly put together from parts that have been sourced from across the world. These very special cherished cars require an extra special level of care. 

What is Cherished Car Insurance?

Cherished cars run the gamut from carefully constructed kit cars and retro replicas, to special vintage cars that require classic vehicle insurance. At Rapid we can research and offer you high quality and great value cherished car insurance quotes, helping you insure your most cherished vehicle without spending a fortune. All kinds of considerations – no claims, vehicular storage, limited mileage and even special driving courses – can be taken into account when it comes to formulating a cherished car insurance policy for you.

Why take Cherished Car Insurance from Rapid?

If you are looking for cherished car insurance online, all you need do is call Rapid Cover Insurance. With a vast array of qualified companies at our disposal, not to mention brokers with years of experience, we can arrange the perfect cherished car policy for you, without you breaking a sweat.

In order to get the best deal, call Rapid now on 01204 392 525 to discuss your cherished car insurance needs. We can supply a broad range of cover solutions, including:

  • Cherished Car Insurance
  • Classic Vehicle Insurance
  • Kit Car Insurance
  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Agreed Valuations
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