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Fleet Insurance

Fleet car insurance offers cover for quantities of vehicles and drivers in a variety of trades. This includes large and mini fleet car insurance. 

Some industries require a fleet of vehicles by nature and will need a flexible motor fleet insurance policy to ensure that all drivers and fleet vehicles have sufficient cover during their day-to-day activities. The key difference between this and a commercial vehicle insurance policy is the additional responsibility of managing the vehicles and drivers.

Because of the nature of some businesses, employees may be required to be out on the road for hundreds of miles each day, increasing the likelihood that they will be involved in accidents from time to time.

A recent study from the Fleet Support Group showed that a large proportion of companies regularly see 30% of their drivers involved in road traffic accidents each year. Ultimately the number of accidents which fleets are involved in can result in hundreds of thousands in pounds of loose.

Insurance is a necessity, but premiums for companies that drive many miles is likely to be higher as the risk of accidents increases. Fleets can reduce the insurance excess costs by effective accident management and efficient training for drivers, managing third party costs and driver duty of care.

Why take a Commercial Fleet Insurance policy from us?

Company fleet insurance can be one of the most expensive costs for businesses. Effective fleet management can help to drive the costs of insurance down through reduction in accidents and training programmes.

By nature, there is a lot of variety from business to business. Fleet van insurance addresses a very different set of requirements to a mini fleet insurance policy, private hire fleet insurance policy, or a taxi fleet insurance policy. For this reason, at Rapid, we tailor our policies to match your specifications, rather than dealing with off-the-shelf policies. Call us and we will look after your fleet vehicle insurance needs, whether that be rental fleet insurance, courier fleet insurance or simply a small fleet insurance policy.  Call Rapid on 01204 392 525

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