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Road Risk Insurance

Motor trade road risks insurance is designed for those in the motor trade that will be required to drive a variety of vehicles in the course of their employment.

Valets and mechanics are periodically required to drive their customer’s vehicles, whether it is simply to move the vehicle, or as part of a test drive. A motor trade road risk insurance policy ensures that they are covered to drive their customers’ vehicles.

Why take Road Risk Insurance from us?

A motor trade policy covers a motor trader to drive any car/motor that is their property and also any "under his custody or control for motor trade purposes."

What is included in your Road Risk Insurance?

The main different between private car/motor insurance and a motor trade insurance policy is a private policy would specify the motor and also the driver. However, in a motor trade policy it specifies the driver only and not actual motor. This means that you can drive any motor or car for trade purposes, which also means that you do not need to take out policies for every motor/car. This is vital when a motor trader has several vehicles in his care - customers' vehicles and demonstration use (including testing of customers' vehicles and demonstration of vehicles for sale).

Cover can also be provided for stock vehicles for sale (including those either on a forecourt or standing on the highway) and the motor trader's own vehicles.

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