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Clubs and Associations Insurance

Like any other organisation, clubs and associations require insurance cover in the course of their normal operation and activities. Exactly what kinds of cover each individual club may require differs from case to case. Clubs and Associations Insurance is flexible, in order to cover the varied needs of these different organisations. Hobby and sport groups for example, typically require public liability insurance for community groups, in order to protect against injuries which may arise during the normal course of activity. Any group which uses a building as a regular meeting point will also require buildings insurance cover to protect the premises against a variety of perils.

It is recommended that you get in touch if you are in need of Clubs and Associations Insurance, so that a policy can be tailored to your specifications and requirements.

Why take Clubs and Associations Insurance from us?

At Rapid, we create bespoke insurance cover that is adapted to your individual needs. This means that our policies differ from customer to customer. Some of the clubs and associations we provide cover for include:

  • Public Liability insurance for bands:
    • Brass band insurance
    • Marching band insurance
  • Sports club insurance
    • Ski club insurance
    • Cricket club insurance
    • Football club insurance
    • Golfers club insurance
    • Bowling club insurance
  • Pony club insurance
  • Yacht club insurance
  • Youth club insurance

What is included in your Clubs and Associations Insurance?

Call Rapid Cover to discuss your individual requirements! Obviously, the policy for a yachting club is going to vary greatly from the insurance cover provided for a local football team. Call now on 01204 392 525.

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