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Trustees & Charity Insurance

Unfortunately, when you spend your time helping others through charity, you can often leave yourself vulnerable from a legal standpoint. Not only are charities vulnerable to certain risks and liabilities, as a trustee you are potentially liable for the outcome of decisions, actions and statements conducted under the name of the charity.

Even if these claims are unfounded, the cost of legal defence can be expensive. Insurance for charities is designed to cover the cost of any legal advice, representation, compensations or settlements that you may be liable for.

Why take Charity Trustee insurance from us?

At Rapid Cover, we understand that all charity organisations are different; working towards different goals, under different circumstances. That is why we tailor our charity liability insurance policies to ensure that you are afforded the cover that suits your situation the best. Despite the best intentions, trustees and the charities they represent may find themselves subject to litigation as a result of alleged offences conducted on the charity’s behalf. Our public liability insurance for charities ensures that you are afforded legal and financial protection, so that you can continue to help others without worrying about yourself.

What is included in your Charity Trustee Indemnity Insurance?

  • Charity public liability insurance: to protect the charity and trustees legally against allegations made by members of the public. This might include allegations of discrimination, injury, misconduct, etc.
  • Employer’s liability: to provide financial and legal security for your volunteers.
  • Motor insurance: if volunteers or trustees regularly travel on charity business.
  • Trustee’s indemnity cover will pay for costs and any damages awarded against the trustees arising from any wrongful act.
  • Buildings and contents insurance: to cover premises and any equipment which belong to the charity.
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