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Between May and September the summer begins and the ice cream vans go out, selling cornettos, 99s, lemonade and shandy ice lollies. These few months are all important for mobile ice cream vendors; whether you have one truck or a fleet, even a few days of downtime at the height of summer can seriously cut into your profits.

What Is Ice Cream Van Insurance?

Ice cream van insurance usually incorporates public and product liability cover, as well as breakdown and theft coverage. It can be just for the summer months – to help you avoid service disruption – or all year round, to cover out of season technical issues (or special events). Health and safety has become more and more important to mobile food vendors. As hygiene restrictions tighten, it makes sense to have your staff trained in the latest food safety standards; but insurance will help you feel more secure, in the knowledge that you will be covered for any accidents.

Why Take Ice Cream Van Insurance from Rapid?

At Rapid Insurance, we can advise you or tailor make the perfect ice cream van insurance for your needs. Our insurance quote can also cover an ice cream van's fixtures and fittings; from the sterilised food storage section to the digitalised music player, playing the traditional ice cream van's music. We have a comprehensive selection of high quality insurance companies at our disposal, as well as highly experienced brokers.

In order to get the best deal, call Rapid now on 01204 392 525 to discuss your ice cream van insurance needs. We can supply a broad range of cover solutions, including:

  • Product Cover
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Theft Cover
  • Property Damage Cover
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