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Owning a classic car is more than a lifestyle or a hobby.  Classic car owners take a pride and appreciation in their prized vehicles that cannot be understated.  For many owners of heritage cars and vintage motors, the upkeep, maintenance and preservation of their fine automobile is utterly paramount. Classic car insurance is the logical way to help protect and preserve your vintage Mercedes, or first gen Mazda Mx5.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

It is reassuring to know that when you take your Rolls Royce Phantom or Jaguar E-Type out for a spin, you are protected by a thorough and comprehensive cherished car insurance policy that will protect you in the event of a worst-case-scenario.  At Rapid Cover, we offer a range of insurance for classic cars to ensure that you're protected no matter what your circumstances, allowing you to stop worrying and enjoy the feeling of the road beneath the wheels of your Triumph Spitfire. Criteria and requirements for eligibility vary; sensible precautions are advised, for example, securing your car in a garage.

Why Get Classic Car Insurance From Rapid?

If you are looking for a classic car insurance quote, look no further. An online quote from Rapid is the easiest – and best – way to insure your classic car. The entirety of this highly specialised field - which contains a broad spectrum of specialist classic car insurance companies – is at the fingertips of our coverage brokers.

We compare vintage car insurance policies to ensure that you get access to the best deals, with features such as 24 hour accident and breakdown recovery, extensive legal cover and comprehensive motor insurance designed specifically to cater to classic cars.

  • Low Mileage Insurance
  • True Agreed Value Coverage
  • Replacement Parts Cover
  • Commercial Classic Car Insurance
  • Theft Cover

We also cater to those seeking kit car insurance, modified car insurance and other specialist motor insurance deals.  To discuss your individual requirements, call Rapid Cover now on 01204 392 525.

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