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Business Travel Insurance

If during the course of your work you or your employees are required to travel regularly, nationally or internationally, a corporate travel insurance policy can provide comprehensive cover while on the move. A typical policy comprises of basic business equipment insurance cover to protect your equipment, such as phones or laptops during travel. Company travel insurance cover can also include allowances for replacement work colleagues to be flown out for an overseas meeting should you find yourself unable to attend the event as a result of illness or some other issue agreed in the policy.

Our business trip travel insurance policies are flexible, and can also include perks such as access to VIP lounges at selected airports and more extensive travel cover in the event of delays or cancellations. By the same token, cover can be scaled back if unnecessary - one off trips can be covered by cheaper single-trip business trip insurance policies.

Why take Working Travel Insurance from us?

We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are unique. Not only is every business different, but so too is every business trip. That is why at Rapid Cover, we tailor each our travel insurance for business trips to match your exact circumstances on a case by case basis. This ensures that you have the commercial travel insurance policy that best fits your needs, and offers the best value for money.

What is included in your Business Travel Insurance Cover?

Typical business travel insurance policy features include:

  • Flexible policies for comprehensive travel cover to single, one-off trips.
  • Cover for flight delays or cancellations.
  • Alternative travel options provided in the event of delays or cancellations.
  • Business equipment cover while on the move, for items such as phones, laptops, etc.
  • Access to travel perks, such as VIP lounges.
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